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Donations to DAD equality directly benefit our core missions of Advocating for kid focused Parental Equal Rights Legislation and funding a “DAD’s Legal Defense Fund” to support parents being alienated from their children’s life by a failed Family Law System.

Four general principles that underpin all children’s rights (#KidsDeserveEqualParents #SupportSharedParenting #EndParentalAlienation):

  • Non-discrimination means that all children always have the same right to develop their potential in all situations;
  • The best interests of the child must be “a primary consideration” in all actions and decisions concerning a child, and must be used to resolve conflicts between different rights;
  • The right to survival and development underscores the vital importance of ensuring access to basic services and to equality of opportunity for children to achieve their full development;
  • The views of the child mean that the voice of the child must be heard and respected in all matters concerning his or her rights.

Parental Rights (#FamilyLawReform #EqualParenting):

The Fourteenth Amendment contains several important concepts, most famously state action, privileges & immunities, citizenship, due process, and equal protection—all of which are contained in Section One. However, the Fourteenth Amendment contains four other sections. Section Two deals with the apportionment of representatives to Congress. Section Three forbids anyone who participates in “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States from holding federal office. Section Four addresses federal debt and repudiates debts accrued by the Confederacy. Section Five expressly authorizes Congress to enforce the Fourteenth Amendment “by appropriate legislation.” Parents are being alienated and families are being ripped apart by flawed social policy and failed Family Court System supported by Federal Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D.

In looking at the Federal Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458, you will see language that allows the US Federal Government to give back “Incentive Payments” to US states for performance based child support collection, paternity establishment, and administrative costs. Typically, these incentive payments go back to social services programs because the thinking is after a divorce many women will end up using programs like TANF and Welfare for which US States have little money in their budgets for.

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